Karachi Goan Association

Gymkhana Rules

The Karachi Goan Association Gymkhana Bye-Laws

1. The Gymkhana shall be known as “THE K.G.A. Gymkhana” and its object is to provide sporting amenities for its members.
2. In these Bye-Laws:-
“Committee” Shall mean the Managing Committee for the time being of the Gymkhana.
“Month” shall mean a calendar month.
“Association” shall mean the Karachi Goan Association, Karachi.
Unless there is anything repugnant in the context words importing the masculine gender shall include females.
3. The interpretation of these Bye-Laws rests with the Committee and any ruling given by the Committee shall be final unless altered or revised by the Managing Committee of the Association.
4. Every member shall be bound to conform to the Bye-laws of the Gymkhana and shall be bound by the decision of the Committee in all matters not provided for by the Bye-laws.
5. The property, effects and invested funds of the Gymkhana shall be considered the property of the Association and shall be vested in the Trustees of the Association, whose powers in reference thereto shall be the same as those given to them by the Rules of the Association.
6. All members of the Association shall be ispo facto honorary members of the Gymkhana and shall be entitled to admission on the grounds for any sports or social function, organized by the Association or the Gymkhana, Such members of the Association as may desire to be active members and to take part in games shall be required to pay a monthly subscription as under:

(a) Active members: Re. 1/8 per month
(b) Non-playing MembersRe 1/- per month, Who shall have all the rights and privileges of active members as provided for in these rules.
(c) Lady members: Re 1/- per month.(being members of the Family of members.)
Associate Members: Any person who by reason of financial string is unable to join the Association may apply and be admitted on discretion of the Committee of the Gymkhana as associate member provided such admission are notified and approved by the Association Committee and that such membership does not extend to a period exceeding three years Who shall have all the rights ;and privileges of active members as provided in these Rules, but shall not be entitled to vote at meetings or to hold office on the Committee and shall have no right or interest in the property of the Gymkhana.
In addition to the above charges there shall be an extra subscription of Rs. 4 per month for Tennis Rs 1/8 for Badminton and Rs l for Cricket.

7. Any Goan not resident in Karachi may be admitted by the Secretary or by the Assistant Secretary as a “Temporary Member” on being proposed and seconded respectively by two Active Members of the Gymkhana who shall be jointly and severally responsible for any debts or damages that may become payable to the Gymkhana by such temporary member.

Temporary membership shall not extend beyond three months.

Temporary members shall pay the same monthly subscription as active members. For purpose of this bye-law a person who at the date of his application has been residing in Karachi for one month or more shall be deemed to be resident in Karachi.

8. Any member of the Association or any unemployed person belonging to the household of a member or deceased member of the Association desiring to be admitted as a member of the Gymkhana shall apply to the Secretary.
9. A candidate whose application has been refused has the right to appeal from the decision to the Managing Committee of the Association and the decision of the Managing Committee shall be final and conclusive.
10. A candidate whose application has been refused shall not be again eligible for admission until after the expiration of six months from the date of such refusal or in case of an appeal from the date of such final refusal.
11. All subscription shall become due and payable on the first of the month for which the subscription is payable.

If subscription is in arrears for two months the member in default shall pay all arrears within thirty days. Should he fail to do so his name, unless the Committee otherwise decide, shall be struck off the rolls and the fact reported to the Managing Committee of the Association. Notice of such striking off shall be posted up in the Association Hall and Gymkhana Pavilion, No defaulter shall be entitled to exercise privileges of membership of avail himself of the amenities of the Gymkhana.

NOTE: A peon for collection of the monthly subscription will be kept as a matter of convenience only but failure of the peon to call for any monthly subscription shall not be deemed an excuse for non-payment. Subscription can always be paid to the Clerk of the Association and a receipt obtained.

12. Members absent from Karachi for two or more months shall be exempt from payment of subscription for the period of such absence, provided notice in writing of their intended absence be addressed to and given to the Secretary.

N.B. An entry of absence or intended absence in the subscription or other book of the Gymkhana is not notice under this Bye-law.

13. Any moneys other than subscription which the Committee may decide to be lawfully due and owing by any member shall be paid up by such member within a fortnight from the demand made of him by or on behalf of the Committee.

Should he then fail to pay the said moneys the committee may in its discretion direct that the member be struck off the rolls and his name be posted up in the Association Hall and Gymkhana Pavilion.

14. If after a member is struck off the rolls under a Bye-Law any sum be still due and owing by him to the Gymkhana and such sum be not paid within one month after demand his name shall be posted up in the Association Hall and Gymkhana Pavilion as a defaulter.
15. Any member struck off the rolls under Bye-laws 11 and 13 may at the discretion of the Committee and on such terms and conditions as they may think fit be re-enrolled on his paying all moneys due and owing by him and on his submitting a satisfactory explanation for his default.
16. Membership of the Gymkhana shall terminate
(a) by death of the member,
(b) by resignation of the member in manner hereinafter provided
(c) by the member being expelled or struck off the rolls.
17. A member desiring to resign his membership shall give written intimation thereof to the Committee who shall accept the resignation if no moneys are due and payable by him to the Gymkhana, Members desirous of rejoining shall be admitted on paying an entrance fee of Rs 5 unless the Committee consider that such payment may, for special reasons, be waived.
18. The Committee shall have power, by a majority of at least two-thirds of the members present to expel any member if for good reasons which the Committee shall not be bound to disclose except to the member concerned they should consider that his continuance as a member would be detrimental to the interests of the Gymkhana.

The member so expelled shall have the right to appeal within ten days of notification of expulsion to the Managing Committee of the Association, the decision of the Committee of the Gymkhana shall be final.<br
The name of any member so expelled shall be posted in the Association Hall and Gymkhana Pavilion.

A member of the Gymkhana playing in any public tournament for any institution other than the Gymkhana may render himself liable to expulsion unless he does so with the permission of the Committee of the Gymkhana.

19. The Gymkhana shall be managed by a Committee consisting of eleven members 6 of whom are to be elected in the manner hereinafter prescribed in Bye-law\ 21, and 6 of whom shall be the following. Viz. the President of the Association for the time being, five representatives nominated on the Committee by the Managing Committee of the Association and the representative of the Karachi Municipality.

The President for the time being of the Association shall be the chairman of the Committee.

20. Each Committee shall be appointed for a term of one year. Members of a retiring Committee shall be eligible for re-election.
21. An Annual General Meeting of the members of the Gymkhana shall be held not later than the month of March every year on a date to be notified by the Committee at least fourteen days previously, for the election of the 6 members of the Committee as in bye-law 19 for the ensuing year, for the receipt from the Committee of a report of the working of the Gymkhana during the previous calendar year, and of a statement of accounts and balance-sheet examined and certified by the auditor of the Association, and for the transaction of all such other business as may be placed before the meeting by the Committee.
22. Every Committee shall at their first meeting or so soon thereafter as may be convenient appoint one of their members to be Secretary, one to be Assistant Secretary, one to be Treasurer of the Gymkhana during the Committee’s tenure of office. Any casual vacancy of an office-bearer shall be filled up by the Committee as they may think best.
23. Any active member who may wish to place any proposition before any Annual General Meeting shall give notice thereof to the Secretary seven clear days before the date fixed of the meeting and the Committee may then in their discretion submit such proposition to the general meeting. If the committee decide that such any proposition, notice of which has been given under the first part of this rule should not be submitted they shall intimate their decision to the member concerned as soon as possible before the meeting.
24. Special General Meetings of which not less than seven clear days notice shall he given may be convened by the Committee for the disposal of special or urgent business Such meetings shall be also convened if requisition therefore is made to the Committee in writing and signed by not less than twenty active members of the Gymkhana. Such requisitions shall state the objects for which the meeting is desired
25. The quorum for meetings shall be as follows :
(a) for meetings of the Committee five members,
(b) for annual or special general meetings twenty members,
(c) for meetings of sub-committees such number as the committee may fix for each sub-committee,
26. If within half an hour of the time appointed for a meeting a quorum cannot be formed any member or members present may adjourn the meeting to another day. If at such adjourned meeting a quorum is not present the business may be proceeded with by the number present. In the case however of meetings convened on requisition the meeting shall be dissolved in the event of the requisite quorum not being present at the first meeting.
27. The voting at any meeting of the Gymkhana shall be by show of hands unless a ballot be demanded by two of the members present.
28. At every General Meeting the President of the Association shall be the Chairman of the meeting, and in his absence the Chairman shall be elected by those present and entitled to vote.
29. Except as herein otherwise provided every question at any meeting shall be decided by a majority of the votes of the active members present and entitled to vote and voting on that question. In case of an equal division of votes, the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote. Voting by proxy shall not be allowed.
30. Any quest decided at a General Meeting shall not be reopened until the expiration of six months from the date of such decision.
31. Every meeting under these bye-laws shall have power to adjourn to another day for the purpose of completing any business for which it may have been convened
32. All business transacted at meetings shall be recorded in the minute-book for the purpose
33. Any member of the Committee who except with the consent of the Committee, is absent from four consecutive meetings shall be deemed to have vacated his appointment as member of the Committee.
34. Any casual vacancy on the Committee shall be filled up by the continuing members of the Committee from among the active members of the Gymkhana but any of the latter so chosen shall retain office so long only as the vacating member of the Committee would have retained the same if no vacancy had occurred.
35. At every meeting of the Committee, the Chairman of the Committee for the current year shall be Chairman of the meeting but in the absence of the Chairman of the Committee the members of the Committee may appoint any one to be Chairman of the meeting at the meeting itself
36. The Committee are empowered
(a) to spend such moneys within the income of the Gymkhana, as they may consider from time to time necessary, on the promotion and maintenance of sports and on the up-keep and improvement of the Gymkhana and to do everything else which they may consider expedient towards the advancement and the general interests of the Gymkhana
(b) to appoint sub-committee from among themselves as also among other active members of the Gymkhana and to delegate to such sub-committees any of the functions and powers of the Committee, and
(c) to make, vary and repeal such sub-bye-laws as they may deem advisable in the interests of the Gymkhana. Any sub-bye-laws so made shall be posted up in the Association Hall and Gymkhana Pavilion for the information and guidance of members.
37. The Committee shall meet not less than once a month for the transaction of business.
38. Members of the Gymkhana shall unless otherwise specially provided, be entitled
(a) to admission to and general use of the Gymkhana Pavilion and grounds Members may be accompanied by non-members of the Gymkhana under such sub-bye-laws as the Committee may frame from time to time;
(b) to join any sports or entertainments organised by the Association or Gymkhana if active members, to vote (unless his name has been struck out or he is a defaulter) if present at meetings duly convened of the members of the Gymkhana
39. The Pavilion and grounds shall ordinarily be open for the use of the members during such hours as the Committee may from time to time decide but the Committee may at any time reserve or close the grounds, wholly or partly, for special purposes.
40. No alcoholic drinks shall be permitted in the Gymkhana except with the previous sanction of the Committee.
41. Every member shall furnish his address and shall notify to the Secretary any change of address
42. Any notice under these bye-laws or on behalf of the Gymkhana maybe served on a member either personally or by post; if sent by post, it shall be deemed to have been served if it is proved that the notice was addressed to the addressed furnished by him and was put into the post.
43. These bye-laws may from time to time be repealed, altered, added to or amended by the Managing Committee of the Association or by a majority of the members present and voting at a General Meeting called for the purpose, subject to the sanction of the Managing Committee of the Association.
44. In any case in which no provision is made in these bye-laws therefore the rules of the Association shall be applicable.

Powers and Duties of Office Bearers

1. President. The President shall:-

(a)Preside at the Meeting of the Gymkhana Committee.
(b)Exercise general supervision and control over the working of the Gymkhana and committee.
(c)Make decisions in emergent matters in consultation with the General Secretary and his action shall be reported to the Committee at the next Committee Meeting.
(d)Exercise discretion in regard to procedure at Committee Meetings and General Meetings and his ruling shall be final in matters of dispute.

(e)Endorse Cheques, drafts and Bills of Exchange together with the Hon. Treasurer.

2. General Secretary, The General Secretary shall :-

(a)Conduct all correspondence and be responsible for the proper maintenance of records
(b) Carry into effect the resolutions of the Gymkhana and the Committee
(c) Issue notices concerning all the Meetings and maintain proper records of such Meeting
(d) Circulate at least 14 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting, the Annual Report, Audited Accounts, Auditor’s Report (if any), Budget Estimate and any other such papers to be considered at the Annual General Meeting and for which due notice has been issued
(e)Prepare the Annual Report,
(f) Exercise General Control and supervision over the funds and the property of the Gymkhana,
(g) Authorise payment for expenditure already approved by the Committee.
(h) Pass all normal bills for payment and from the imprest cash for extraordinary and emergent expenditure not exceeding Rs. 50/- in any single case.
(i) Endorse cheques, drafts and Bills of Exchange together with the Hon. Treasurer.
(j) Represent the Gymkhana personally or by his nominee on all Public Bodies or Association to which the Gymkhana is affiliated.

3. Assistant General Secretary & Treasurer. In the absence of the General Secretary or Treasure, the Assistant General Secretary & Treasurer shall perform all of their duties.
4. Hon. Treasurer. The Treasurer shall :-

(a) Realise and receive all subscriptions and other fees due and donated to the Gymkhana from Members and others and issue receipts for all payments to the parties concerned.
(b) Endorse cheques, drafts and Bills of Exchange and obtain withdrawals from the Bank account together with the General Secretary or President,
(c) Deposit all monies received in the Gymkhana Bank Account and make all payments from monies in his hands for maintenance of the Gymkhana and Staff, and such other payments as sanctioned by the Committee or the General Secretary as empowered by the Committee.
(d) Keep all the books of account up-to-date and lay the account books and Statement of Income and Expenditure before the Committee at its Monthly Meetings.
(e) Be responsible for observing that the funds of the Gymkhana are spent for the purpose for which they have been allocated, subject to the Committee’s overall sanction.
(g) Have the accounts audited by the Auditors appointed by the Managing Committee of the Karachi Goan Association.

5. Secretary for Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, Hockey, Football etc. shall:-

(a) See that the games, entrusted to their charge are run smoothly and in the best interests of the Gymkhana and within the budgeted amount passed by the Committee.
(b) Obtain applications correctly filled in from new memberships, report on resignations and generally assist in seeing that arrear dues by members are paid up.
(c) Run the Annual Tournaments and/or Inter-village tournaments with the sanction of the Committee and be assisted by a sub¬committee appointed by the Managing Committee. The accounts for all such tournaments must be prepared by the Hon. Treasurer of the Association and all monies received and paid must go through him in the same way as done for other monetary transactions of the Gymkhana.
(d) The accounts must be audited by the Association Auditors and presented to the Committee within two months of the Tournament commencing.
(e) Entry Fees for Tournaments must be paid before the tournament starts and no member must be included in the Draw unless the Entrance Fee is paid.
(f) Public functions (Dances, Social etc.) organised by the Secretaries in aid of their departmental games must be held with the sanction of the Managing Committee and run by the sub-committee appointed by the Committee. Accounts monies etc., to be dealt within the same way as annual tournaments etc.
(g)All Notices to Members of the Gymkhana or Association must be countersigned by the General Secretary. (h) Accounts of all functions must be submitted to the Committee, duly audited by the association auditor, within a month of the function.