Karachi Goan Association

Association Rules



1. Objects:- The object of the Karachi Goan Association are to provide social amenities for its members and to protect and advance their interests.
2. Definitions:- In these rules, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context:-
(i) “ASSOCIATION” means the Karachi Goan Association.
(ii) “COMMITTEE” means the Managing Committee.
(iii) “FAMILY” means the wife or widow and/or children and other relatives living with, and wholly dependent on, a member, but does not include married daughters, or employed sons and daughters.
(iv) “GOAN” means a person who is a native of Goa or who is descended in the male line from a native of Goa.
(v) “MEMBER” means a person who has been duly admitted to membership of the Association.
(vi) “YEAR” means a calendar year ended 30th June.
3. Eligibility for Membership:- Admission to membership shall be open to Goans only.
4. Oridinary Members:- A person desiring to be a member shall apply in writing in the prescribed form (see Appendix) and shall be proposed and seconded by two members, admission being in the discretion of the Committee, whose decision shall be final, and who shall not be required to assign any reason in the event of rejection. The entrance fee as hereinafter provided in these rules, and one month’s subscription shall accompany the application. These amounts shall be refunded if the application is rejected.
5. Life Membership:- A candidate for membership may apply for life membership on payment of the entrance fee prescribed in rule 8, plus a lump sum of Rs. 10,000/-. His application shall be dealt with as prescribed in rule 4.
Similarly, any member may during the currency of his membership become a life member by paying a lumpsum of Rs. 10,000/-.
Life members shall be exempt from payment of the subscription prescribed in rule 9.
6. Outstation Members :-
(a) Any person eligible to be a member who is not resident in Karachi may apply for membership in accordance with the provisions of rule 4, and such application shall be dealt with in the manner provided therein. The entrance fee prescribed in Rule 8 shall be payable but the subscription payable by such member shall be Rs, 50/- per year or part thereof.
(b) In the event of such member visiting Karachi for a period exceeding 30 days, he shall be treated as an ordinary member for the entire period of his visit.
NOTE:- Those who on 1st July 1949 were outstation members shall be exempt from the payment of the subscription prescribed in this rule.
6-A Temporary Member:-
(a) Any person eligible to be a member, who is not ordinarily resident in Karachi may apply for admission as a temporary member. The entrance fee shall be Rs. 200/=for such members, but temporary membership shall not extend for a period exceeding 12 months. A temporary’ member shall pay the monthly subscription prescribed in Rule 9, but shall not be entitled to vote or to be elected on the committee.
6-B Associate Lady Members:-
A lady eligible to be member, may apply for admission as an associate lady member. The entrance fee for such members shall be Rs. 500/- and the monthly subscription Rs 30/-. Such members, but not their children or other relatives living with and wholly dependent on them, shall be entitled to all the benefits of the Association but shall have no right to vote or serve on the committee. Provided that ladies who apply for admission under this rule on or before 31st December, 1968 shall be exempted from payment of the entrance fee of Rs. 50/-.
7. Absent Members:- A member absent from Karachi for a period exceeding three calender months shall be exempt from the payment of the monthly subscription, provided :-
(i) he has given prior intimation in writing to the Secretary of his intended absence; and
(ii) his family is absent from Karachi,

In such a case, however. the member .shall be considered as an outstation member in terms of Rule 6 and be liable to the subscription prescribed therein.

8. Entrance Fee:- The entrance fee shall be Rs. 500/- for sons and daughters of living or deceased members: in all other cases, it shall be Rs 5, 000)/-. The entrance fee may be paid in lumpsum or in monthly installments not exceeding six. The first installment, which should accompany the application form for membership shall not be less than Rs 250/- in the case of sons and daughters of living or deceased members and Rs 2,500/- in all other cases.
9. Monthly Subscription:- The Monthly subscription shall be Rs 60/- provided that a member who has paid subscription for 35 years shall pay Rs six per month unless the member concerned expressly desires to pay Rs Ten per month.
10. Members Family:- The family of a living or deceased member shall be entitled to all the benefits of the Association but shall have no right to vote and serve on the Committee. This privilege shall cease :-
(i)in the case of a female, on marriage or remarriage to a non-member: in the case of an unmarried daughter on her obtaining employment.
(ii)in the case of a male, on his obtaining employment or attaining the age of 21 (unless he is a bona fide student), whichever is earlier.
11. Cessation of Membership:-
Membership of the Association shall cease :-
(i) on the death of the member ;
(ii) on his resignation ;
(iii) on his expulsion ;
(iv) on his being struck off the rolls of the Association ;
(v) on his conviction by a competent tribunal of an offence which in the opinion of the Committee involves moral turpitude,
(vi) in the case of a lady who is a member in her own right, on her marriage.
12. Re-admission:- Except in case of expulsion, a person who has ceased to be a member may, at the discretion of the committee and on such terms and conditions as it may think fit, be re¬ admitted on submitting a satisfactory explanation and paying all moneys due and owing by him, or a re-admission fee of Rs. 300/-, whichever is greater.
13. Reduced Subscriptions:-
(A) A member not in arrears with his monthly subscription who :-
(i) is temporarily out of employment, and
(ii) has paid the full monthly subscription for a period of not less than 30 years, and is thereafter unable to continue payment of the full subscription by reason of financial stringency, may, on application to that effect, be allowed such reduction as the Committee may in its discretion deem fit.

(B) A member paying reduced subscription under Sub-rule
(i) above shall not be entitled to vote at any meeting or to be elected on the Committee.

14. Defaulters:- 
(A)A member shall be considered a defaulter:-
(i)if he is in arrears with his monthly subscription for three months; in the case of an outstation member, if he has not paid his subscription by the end of the year.
(ii) if he has not paid any sums due by him to the Association, or its affiliated institutions in the month following that in which this liability arose.

(B) The name of a defaulter shall be posted on the Notice Board and the member informed accordingly.
(C) In the event of the defaulting member not paying the amount due by him during the month following that in which his name was posted up on the Notice Board as a defaulter, he shall be liable in the discretion of the committee, to be struck off the rolls of the Association.
(D) A defaulter shall not be entitled to the amenities provided by the Association, nor to exercise the right of a member.

15. Office Bearers:- 
(A) The President, two Trustees, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and 8 other members shall be elected every two years at a General Meeting of members to form the Managing Committee till the following Second Annual General Meeting, If the required number of candidates are not available for election in accordance with the procedure laid down in Rule 26 (b), the Managing Committee elected at the Second Annual General Meeting from the available candidates, may fill up the vacancy/ies by co-option of any member/s of the Association. The Vice-President, and the Assistant Secretary and Treasurer, shall be elected by the members of the Managing Committee inter se. Such other office bearers as may be deemed necessary may be appointed by the Committee.
(B) An Office bearer as above shall continue in office until the following Annual Gieneral Meeting, unless he is removed earlier:-
(i) In case of the President, either of the Trustees, the Secretary and the Treasurer by vote of a two-thirds majority of members present and voting at an extraordinary General Meeting of the members.
(ii) in the case of all other Office bearers by a vote of a two-thirds majority of members of the Managing Committee present and voting at a meeting of the Committee.
16. The Secretary:- The Secretary shall have general charge and supervision of all details, and control of the establishment; he shall also keep an account of the property of the Association and a record of the proceedings at all General Meetings, and minutes of the meetings of the Committee and its Sub-Committee; and conduct all correspondence.
17. The Treasurer:- The Treasurer shall receive and pay all moneys on behalf of the Association and keep an account of receipts and disbursements, which shall be audited every month and submitted to the Committee. He shall also prepare the annual budget estimates for submission to the Committee.
18. Trustees:- The Trustee shall jointly hold the property of the Association in trust, but they shall not be personally liable for any contract made or loss sustained and debt or expense incurred by or on behalf of the Association. In the event of the death, resignation or absence of one of the Trustees, the remaining Trustee shall act as if he were the sole Trustee, until the vacancy is filled.
19. Cessation of Membership of the Committee:- A member of the Committee shall ispo facto cease to be a member of the Committee if :-
(i) he resigns ;
(ii) he fails to attend three consecutive meetings without prior intimation ;
(iii) he is a defaulter under rule 14;
(iv) he is removed by a two-thirds majority vote of members present and voting at a General Meeting.
NOTE: A Trustee shall be exempt from the operation of condition (ii).
20. Vacancy on the Committee:- In the event of the death, resignation or disqualification of any member of the Committee including office bearers, the vacancy may be filled up by the Committee, by cop-option of any Member of the Association.
21. Committee Meetings:- The Committee Meetings shall ordinary meet once a month :-
(i) to confirm the minutes of the previous meeting,
(ii) to pass the monthly audited accounts and
(iii) for the disposal of current business.

Six members shall form a quorum. If there he no quorum within fifteen minutes of the time fixed for the meeting, the meeting shall be adjourned to a date three days later (unless the Chairman directs a later date) at the same time and place. At such adjourned meetings, the business may be proceeded with by the members present.

22. Powers of the Committee:- The Committee is empowered:-
(i) to appoint such Sub-Committees as are deemed necessary ;
(ii) to make, alter or repeal Bye- laws for the interior economy of the Association such Bye-laws having the same force as these rules ;
(iii) to sanction re-appropriations within budget provision, and such other expenditure as may be necessary; provided that the total excess expenditure during the year shall not exceed 10 per cent of the total budget authorisation ;
(iv) to suspend members for persistent infringement of the Rules of Bye-laws or for disorderly conduct in the Association’s premises or for conduct calculated to cause annoyance to other members or for conduct which is detrimental to the interests of the Association. The period of suspension shall not exceed 90 days. A suspended member shall not be permitted access to the premises of the Association or its affiliated institutions. He shall, however, be liable to pay the subscription for the period of this suspension. Such decision shall not be effective unless and until the decision is arrived by two-thirds of the Members then present and voting thereon. Sufficient opportunity shall be afforded the member or members complained or to show cause.
(v) To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the objects of the Association.
23. Urgent Business:- In cases of urgency, the President, or in his absence, the Vice-President, or in his absence of both, the Secretary, may circulate for the opinions of the Association any written proposition calling for immediate disposal. The decision in such cases shall be in accordance with the majority of votes, unless the President. Vice-President or Secretary as the case may be, is of the opinion that reconsideration is desirable.
24. Annual General Meeting:- The Annual General Meeting shall be held by the 15th September each year, at least 14 days’ notice being given of the date, time, place of, and agenda for the meeting. Such notice shall be deemed to have been given if it is posted on the Notice Board of the Association.
25. Agenda for the Biennial General Meeting:- The Agenda for the Annual General Meeting shall be:-
(i)to receive the report of the Managing Committee for the preceeding 2 years ;
(ii) to pass the audited accounts ;
(iii) to approve the budget estimates for the next following year;
(iv)to elect the President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, two Trustees, and 8 other members of the Managing committee at every Biennial General Meeting.
(v) To appoint an auditor (who shall not be a member) and to fix his remuneration. The auditor shall be a Registered Accountant;
(vi) To consider any other proposition of which notice has been given by a member on or before 15th August and the inclusion of which has the approval of the Managing Committee.
NOTE: Copies of the Annual Report, Audited Accounts and the Budget Estimates shall be sent at least 48 hours before the meeting, but nonreceipt of these shall not invalidate the meeting.
26. Procedure for Election of Managing Committee:-
(A) The President, Secretary,’Treasurer and Trustees shall be elected at a General Meeting by ballot, or in such manner as the meeting may decide,
(B) Members of the Managing Committee shall be elected by ballot. Those to be balloted for shall be:-
(i) members willing to stand for election, duly proposed and seconded, whose nomination papers have been deposited by 1st September, in the ballot box kept for the purpose in the office of the Association. (ii) members of the Managing Committee whose term of office is due to expire and who have not intimated their unwillingness to stand for re-election, provided they have not since become ineligible to serve.

Note: No member who is a defaulter under Rule 14 shall be eligible to be nominated for election, or to propose or second a nomination. The President’s decision in regard to eligibility shall be final.
(C) The names of candidate for election to the Managing Committee shall be included in the notice convening the meeting and those names only shall be included in the ballot paper.

27. Extraodinary General Meeting:- (A) An extraordinary general meeting:-
(i) may he convened at any time by the Committee
(ii) shall be convened by the Committee on a written request from not less than forty members. Should the Committee fail to convene the meeting within thirty days from receipt of the requisition, the requistionsts may themselves convene the meeting.

(B) (i) For such meeting notice of at least fourteen days shall be given, by being posted on the Notice Board of the Association. In the case of a meeting convened by the requisitionsts, the notice shall be signed by not less than forty of them.
(ii) Notice of any such meeting shall specify the particular object for which it is being convened and the meeting shall have no power to discuss any other subject.

28. (A) At a General Meeting, the President, or in his absence, the Vice-President shall ordinarily take the chair. In the absence of both the President and the Vice-President, the meeting shall elect one of its members to take the chair. Should the General Meeting be one convened for the purpose of removing the President from office as provided for in Rule 15 (b)(i), the chair shall be taken by the Vice-President or in his absence by one of the members present, duly elected by all the other members present at the Meeting.
(B) Forty members present in person shall form a quorum. If within half an hour From the time appointed for the meeting, the quorum be not present, the meeting shall be adjourned to the same day of the following week (unless the President, or in his absence the Vice-President, otherwise directs a later date) at the same time and place. If at such adjourned meeting the quorum be not present, the members present may proceed with the business for which the meeting was convened.
(C) The Chairman, with the consent of the meeting, may adjourn any General Meeting from time to time. Notice of such adjournment shall be posted on the Notice Board of the Association.
(D) At any General Meeting, the Chairman or five members present shall be entitled to demand a poll.
(E) The Chairman of the meeting shall in the case of any equality of votes on a poll or otherwise, be entitled to a second or casting vote.
28-A The members of the Association at a General Meeting conveyed for that purpose may by resolution passed by not less than two-thirds of’ the member present and voting thereon resolve to raise funds for meeting expenses relating to repair, renovation or improvement of the premises of the Association/or for any other purpose in the interests of the Association, specifically indicated in the notice convening the meeting, by levying a contribution upon every member of the Association of a fixed sum of money payable at one time or in installments and may by such resolution authorize the committee to take all such steps as may be necessary for recovery of the said contribution.
29. Inspection of Books:- No member, unless he be a member of the Committee, shall be entitled, except with the permission of the Committee inspect the books, accounts, documents or other records of the Association except such as may be produced at a General Meeting.
30. Expulsion:- any member, acting m manner to bring discredit on or to interfere with the harmonious working of the Association shall render himself liable to expulsion from the Association ; but such expulsion shall be effective only after a resolution to that effect is passed by two-thirds of the members present and voting at a General Meeting. Such resolution shall be deemed to be final.
31. Dissolution:-
(A) The Association shall not be dissolved except by a resolution at an Extraordinary General Meeting to be called expressly for the purpose. The quorum for such meeting shall be half of the total number of life and ordinary members exclusive of outstation and absent members, on the rolls of the Association, and the resolution proposing dissolution shall require a majority of two-thirds of the members present.
(B) In the event of the dissolution of the Association, all property belonging to the Association, after meeting all liabilities, shall be disposed of and the proceeds thereof utilised for some charitable purpose for the benefit of Goans in Pakistan, the nature of which shall be decided at the Extraordinary General Meeting at which the dissolution shall have been resolved upon. Under no circumstances whatever shall the assets of the Association on dissolution be applied for any use except for benefit of Goans.
32. Alteration in Rules:- These rules shall come into force from 1st July 1949, and may be altered, repealed, varied or added to at a General Meeting ; provided notice of such alteration etc., shall have been given as provided for in rule 27, and provided such alteration etc. is earned by a majority of two-thirds of the members present and voting at such meeting.

The following Bye-laws approved by the Managing Committee are consolidated and published for general information:-

Club Hours The Club shall be kept open at such hours as the Committee may decide from time to time.
Membership Cards Membership Cards shall be issued to every member who shall carry the card on every visit to the premises and present the same when called upon to do so.
A penalty at the discretion of the Committee shall be charged if the card is lost or misplaced. The member concerned shall report the loss to the Secretary who will then issue a duplicate Membership-Card.
Any misuse of a Membership Card issued to a member, will entail confiscation of the Card and such disciplinary action as the Committee deems fit.
Guests (I)Admissibility of Guests to the Association’s Entertainments.
The following persons shall be eligible for admission as guests:-
(a) Guests of members, residing outside Karachi, irrespective of their nationality, who may temporarily be residing with such members for a period not exceeding three months. Written intimation must be sent to the Secretary before such guests attend club functions.
(b) Distinguished persons, holding high and influential positions and such persons who may have rendered service to the Association, provided such persons are invited by the committee.

(II)Casual Entertainment at the Club’s premises.
(a) Guests Days shall be days fixed as such by the committee.
(b) Members are permitted to invite non-Goan guests on Guest Days.
(c) Guests, including Goans, in transit through Karachi, or residing temporarily with members may be invited on any day with the permission of the Secretary. Names of Guests shall be entered in the Guest Book by the member introducing such guests. On Fridays and during Ramzan and Muharrum, members shall not introduce Muslim Guests.
(d) Any person who is introduced by a member in the Association’s premises shall be deemed to be a guest of the member and his name shall be entered in the Guest Book by the member concerned. This applies to Guest Days and Non-Guest Days. Members introducing Guests shall be responsible for conduct and financial commitments of their guests. Dependents of members are not entitled to introduce guests.

Bar Subject to the orders of the Committee, the Bar shall be Kept open during such hours as the Committee may fix from time to time.
No private alcoholic drinks, minerals or soft drinks, shall be opened or used in the Club. If permitted, corkage shall be charged at such rates as fixed by the Committee.
The rates at the Bar shall be fixed by the Committee from time to time. The bar Tariff shall be posted on the Notice Board.
No Credit facilities are permitted at the Bar.
In accordance with the Licensing Rules, no liquor will be served in those portions of the premises of the Karachi Goan Association which are within public view nor in cars or other vehicles parked around the premises. Liquor is not replaceable after dilution. Only Beer is found flat will be replaced.
Children Except on special occasions, with the sanction of the Committee, children under the age of twelve will not be permitted in the Card Rooms, Library and Lounge unless accompanied by either of their parents.
The Lawn & Garden is out of bounds for children.
Dogs & Pets Dogs and/or pets will not be allowed in any part of the premises of the Club.
Indoor Games Card Members or their dependents desirous of availing of the Association’s Card Room amenities shall pay such subscription as fixed by the Committee from time to time.
The maximum stakes permissible at Bridge or Rummy shall be as fixed by the Committee from time to time and posted on the Notice Board.
Other games of hazard, such as Nap, Brag, Baccarat, Euchre, Pontoon and Loo, shall not be played in the Card Room or any other part of the premises of the Association.
Blliards The Billiard Tables shall be available for use at timings fixed by the Committee from time to time. Members desirous of playing a game shall enter their names serially on the slate provided for the purpose.
When the table becomes disengaged it shall be offered by the Market, according to priority of entry, to the members whose names are entered on the slate. No member may transfer or exchange his claim to the table; if he is not in the Billiard Room or does not himself play when the table is available for his turn, his name shall be erased from the slate.
The names of the players in possessions of the table shall be erased from the slate and may not be re-entered thereon until the game is finished.
The table shall not be engaged for a game lasting for more than thirty minutes.
A member shall not begin a game with the Marker should any other member wish to play; but he shall be entitled to finish any game already begun with the Marker even though other members may require the table.
Any member cutting or damaging the cloth or other accessories of the table shall be charged such sum as the Managing Committee may consider fit.
The membership subscription for Billiards and/or Skittles shall be as fixed by the Committee from time to time and notified on the Notice Board.
Members or dependents (and guests on Guest Days only) who play casually shall pay the charges as fixed by the Committee from time to time and posted on the Notice Board.
Except Billiards, Skittles or Snooker, no other games shall be allowed.
Library & Reading Room Books and periodicals will be issued and received by the Clerk of the Library on days and at timings fixed by the Committee from time to time and posted on the Notice Board.
The Clerk of the Library shall maintain a Register of books and periodicals issued and returned.
Every member shall be entitled to one book and one periodicals at a time on signing against the appropriate entry in the Register. Members shall be entitled to one book or periodical at a time for their family members as defined in the rules of the Association; but in no case exceeding three books and three periodicals at a time and such member shall be responsible for the safe return of books and/ or periodicals issued.
Any defacement by way of annotation or otherwise on books or periodicals is not permissible and shall be considered as damage. In case of loss or damage to books or periodicals, the value thereof as decided by the Managing Committee, shall be recoverable from the member concerned.
Books issued shall be returned to the Clerk of the Library not later than fifteen days; in case of monthly magazines not later than seven days and in the case of newspapers not later than four days, from the date of issue. Neither books nor periodicals shall in any case be transferable.
No newspaper shall be demand to be new for a period of six months from inclusion in the Catalogue and in no circumstances will more than one such new book be allowed to any one member.
The Clerk of the Library shall send a Notice to such members as have failed to return books and/or periodicals within the prescribed period but such notice shall be as a matter of grace and not obligatory. All cases of non-return within the prescribed period are liable to be reported to the Managing Committee and books etc. not returned as aforesaid are liable to be treated as lost.
Books entered in the Catalogue as “Books of Reference” are in no circumstances available for circulation.
Hire of Hall The fees payable for hiring the Hall (Top Floor) shall be fixed by the Committee from time to time.
Incidental charges shall be made at such rates as are fixed by the Committee from time to time. Hire of Hall shall not include furniture.
A Deposit as fixed by the Committee from time to time shall be paid at the time of Booking and if for any reason the Booking is cancelled, the Deposit is liable to be forfeited.
The full charge in addition to the above Deposit shall be paid at least Seven Days in Advance.
Any damage done to the building, or fittings by nails or otherwise shall be made good at the cost of the party engaging the hall and shall in the first instance be recovered from the deposit.
Any lights, radio appliances, etc. may, with the previous permission of the Secretary in writing, be added to the existing installation and shall be charged for extra, according to current consumption.
Ladders shall not be placed against the walls unless the tops are sufficiently well padded to prevent scratches on the surface of the walls.
Access to the Hall for rehearsals and decorating may be permitted on the day previous to the date of engagement only if the Hall is not otherwise engaged. Lighting charges shall be fixed by the Committee from time to time if lights are used while decorating or rehearsing at the Hall.
Vacant possession of the premises must be handed over before 10:00 a.m. on the following day to the Manager who will see that the Hall and premises are intact in the same clean condition as prior to taking over. Failure to comply will render the deposit liable to forfeiture.
No entertainments or performances of any kind shall continue in the Hall or Club premises beyond 2:30 A.M.
No cinema performance will be allowed in the Hall.
Lessees shall make police and Fire Brigade arrangements and obtain such licences as are necessary especially for loudspeakers, Bar and Performances.
General The Club Hours, the Guest Days, the Club Bar and Billiard Timings shall, as far as possible, be notified on the Notice Board.
The interpretation of these Bye-Laws shall vest solely in the Managing Committee.